Scarpa TX Pro NTN Telemark Boot 2018-19 – Basic Overview Video

Scarpa TX Pro review


Josh Madsen shares the basics about Scarpa’s TX Pro NTN Telemark boot.

SIZE OPTIONS : 24.5 – 30 (half sizes)

WEIGHT REFERENCE : 1750g; 3lbs 13oz (1/2 pair size 27)

LAST : 102mm

FLEX : 110

FORWARD LEAN : 10°-15°

SKI/WALK MODE : Power Block Tour



2 thoughts on “Scarpa TX Pro NTN Telemark Boot 2018-19 – Basic Overview Video

  1. Yep – agree with John. Yawn. A minor cosmetic update for a very good lift boot. A mediocre touring boot.
    I hope the rumours of some new Scarpa tele boots next season are correct. There is no technical reason not to have lighter weight and better range of motion. I realize it is controlled by economics, but it seems self-fulfilling. If they remove touring options, fewer telemarkers will tour. They also sell fewer TX Pros because no improvements mean no need for current owners to replace theirs. However, I do realize that it is a small market and will continue to be. I just hope that someday a new boot will fill the huge void in the Scarpa and Crispi lines. Someday, I’d love to go Meidjo or Lynx with some new, light Scarpa tour-oriented boots… Until then, I’ll just keep using a TTS setup with F1s (now on my 3rd pair) – and I have a light, pretty damn good touring setup.

  2. YAWN.
    mean, yeah…it’s got all the necessary requirements. But I personally don’t need four buckles (still grieving over my stolen and out-of-production TXs) or all the weight. How come the AT crowd gets all the love with radical flex adjustments, carbon, etc., etc. Seriously. This is a fine resort oriented tele boot. But we’ll need at least one more option (off-piste?) before we can do a dance and celebrate!

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