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The Synergy is Scott Sports retro offering for 75mm telemark boots. I use the term “retro” to refer to the fact that it harkens back to the shapes of Garmont’s legendary Ener-G and Syner-G days. It’s sort of a blending of the two; four-buckle like the Ener-G, but softer in the bellows without being as soft as the Syner-G.


Unlike Scott’s Voodoo, Synergy uses a wide last, 103mm wide to be specific although it definitely feels wider. It wouldn’t be unlike a marketing department to fudge numbers to placate expectations.

Turning Performance

Scott Synergy with 4 Ergal® buckles and a smooth flex.

The performance of the boot is reminiscent of a broken in Garmont EnerG, with a medium flex bellows for good sensitivity and adequate power for the majority of telemark conditions. More flex resistance can be achieved with a more active binding, but soft snow sensitivity must be built in, or take time to break in. Scott is claiming a flex rating of 130. As with most telemark boots, that might apply to the cuff, but the overall sensation is more like 110 when compared with other boots. It’s softer than Scarpa’s T1, but definitely stiffer than a T2. I had no problems driving skis up to 110mm wide, but as with any tele system, that’s also dependent on the binding and driver skill. Compared to the Voodoo NTN, the Synergy has a much smoother flex in the sole.


As you might expect it is not the lightest BC boot on the planet, but telemark boots ceased winning those comparisons long ago. As a four-buckle boot it is on par with its peers at just over four pounds per boot (mondo 27.5)


Inside Scott is using their tongued Pwr Telemark liner using heat moldable closed cell foam that holds its shape better and has a uniform density when compressed. The bottom of the sole is rubberized for durability and works well as a hut shoe in combination with laces on the cuff.

Touring Features

Synergy has good ROM, especially for a 4-buckle tele boot.

As with most telemark boots the Synergy doesn’t win any awards for cuff range of motion in tour mode, but with approximately 18° of backwards movement it does allow your leg to rotate past dead vertical. As a four-buckle boot it’s pretty comfortable on the uphill leg of a tour.

There are lock catches on the Ergal® cuff buckles so you don’t have to reset the wire in the ladder when opening them up for touring. Just flip ’em open and the wire will stay secured where you left it, ready to be cinched tight when you’re ready to point ’em down.


Other features that we have come to expect in a modern plastic telemark boot are all there, like a lugged sole for good purchase when scrambling on rock or walking a dry trail, a reversed front buckle, and a ring to tether a safety strap to. As with any boot, a lot of it comes down to fit. For ladies, sorry, a lot of you are simply out of luck since the smallest size is mondo 25 (W’s 9). If you’ve been holding on to your old Garmont boots, or even gave up and adopted training heels because you couldn’t find a tele boot to fit your high volume feet the Synergy offers something to lure you back. Synergy doesn’t break new ground, it offers a welcome return to a comfortable fit with solid tele performance.

Scott Sports
MSRP: $600
Weight/boot (mondo 27.5): 4 lbs., 1 oz. (1900 g)
Sizes available (mondo): 25 – 30.5

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3 thoughts on “Review: Scott Synergy

  1. I ski these boots and, after upgrading my binding to the BMF’s, am sticking with 75mm. I am mostly a resort skier. It’s getting close to time to upgrade…any reason to go with the T1’s? I have not skied the Scarpa’s,


    1. Hi Ryan – if you like the width that the Scott boots provide then you’ll want to stay with that. You’ll forfeit almost 3mm of last width by going to the T1 and would have similar performance. Hope that helps. Cheers.

  2. Does Scott have any thoughts of discontinuing this boot? I’m an old school Tele guy and really like the feel of this boot. Worried I going to have to go to a more restrictive/powerful boot/binding package if this boot is discontinued. Could almost force me to go to the dark side and get a randonee set up.

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