Michi Trojer
p: Alex Hoffman

Michi Trojer’s POV edits caught our attention a few months back when they hit 22 Designs social sites. He’s one of their European team riders and he’s ripping it. We caught up with him via the intrawebs for 10 questions about where he’s from and what he’s up to. Here’s what he had to say.

Telemark Skier: Where are you from? Hometown and home mountain

Michi: Born in a small Village called Pöcking in Bavaria, Germany, but living in Innsbruck Austria since 2008.

Telemark Skier: When did you pick up telemark skiing?

Michi: I started telemark skiing in 2005 as a bunch of friends and my brother were already telemark skiing. The sport as well as the community around were fascinating me.

Telemark Skier: What is your specialty? (Big Mountain, park, mountaineering, combo)

Michi: I like the Big Mountain and mountaineering aspect the most. But it depends on the time of the year. I also like cruising the slopes and of course moguls because it is the best practice you can get.

Telemark Skier:  What are your goals in telemark skiing?

Michi: To keep on telemarking as long as possible and do some more winter trips with my friends.

Telemark Skier: What do you have planned for the upcoming season?

Michi: Maybe doing a new telemark edit and a lot of good skiing in the alps.

Telemark Skier: Why telemark?

Michi: From the beginning I was fascinated by the motion sequence, and the combination of smoothness and power. There is also a big advantage against other winter sports because you can do all kinds of skiing: slopes, moguls, ski touring, park, big mountain or mountaineering with the same setup of boots and bindings.

Telemark Skier:  Tell us the specifics of your setups for tele skiing?

Michi: Last year i changed from my 75mm setup, 22 Desings AXL binding and Crispi XR boot to my new NTN setup. I’m using the  22 Desings Outlaw binding and Crispi EVO NTN World Cup boot. This change pushed my telemarking a big step forward.
The Outlaws are mounted on a K2 Pinnacle 105 and K2 Coomba 114, both in 185mm length.

Telemark Skier:  What do you think the next features in gear will be?

Michi: I am not sure. At the moment I am really happy with my current setup. But i think bindings will develop even more.

Telemark Skier:  What is your most epic story of telemark skiing or traveling?

Michi: I think the trip with my friends with Whiteroom Productions to the Altai mountain range in Russia in 2014. This was a spontaneous trip which ended up with perfect weather and snow, steep lines, nice people and all in a beautiful scenery.

Telemark Skier: Best part about telemarkers you know?

Michi: I think the strong legs ;-)

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