Pierre & Pierre Develop Ultralite Telemark Boot

Having captured the imaginations of telemarkers on the bleeding edge of progress, Meidjo’s creator, Pierre Mouyade has been tinkering with Pierre Ginoux on a boot to compliment his 2-pin telemark binding that uses NTN technology. I can assure you, he is not alone in scheming for the use of carbon in the teleboot of the not too distant future.

Imagine a superlight carbonfiber based telemark boot.

Pierre Ginoux is the one of if not the brainiac leading the charge in making featherlight, low mass, ultra stiff race boots for ski mountaineering. He has created boots like Dynafit’s DNA, RCI and his boutique Morpho that are astonishingly light and very appealing to those who have the skills and confidence to drive a ski with the barest of essential ingredients. They remind me of Ramer’s Motiveaider, a skeletal structure that clamped to your leg and could be used in conjuction with any boot, including a pair of Sorel’s to drive a ski with a Ramer binding but a whole lot more compact and light. These Spartan skimo boots use carbon fibers blended with some sort of plastic to hold it together along with a cuff pivot and lower shell. These boots have lured many a weight conscious tele skier to the dark side. I’ll admit such boots would be great for fitness skinning or actually rando racing. Their only real flaw is they don’t tele for squat. Not. At. All.

Carbon is used to add stiffness while reducing weight, usually at a cost of compromising flexibility, a requirement for telemark. So the quest is to see how much carbon can be incorporated, and where, while still delivering a sweet tele turn. As for doing this all at a reasonable price, forget about it.

Good touring ROM too.

One prototype has been created with a weight of a mere 710 grams per boot (23 oz.). From the looks of it this prototype boot can flex, but whether it is a smooth or a hingy flex cannot be ascertained by merely looking at the photos. Ginoux admits the design has a long way to go. Nonetheless, combined with news that Scarpa is working on a new telemark boot it might be time for pinners to get some new shades.

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11 thoughts on “Pierre & Pierre Develop Ultralite Telemark Boot

  1. Great initiative to go beyond the beaten track. Why the leading brands refuse to innovate? I would rather support a crowd sourced initiative like this and take failures on the way for granted than wait for a perfect future that never comes.

  2. Why make a super light boot to fit a way too heavy binding? How about making this 2 pin boot and then just using the front AT two pin binding only?

  3. If both Pierres expect that the r&d will be pay with the money of the customers as The m-equipment did, God save us of this boots.

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