Ditch the Bandwagon: The Pariah

Pariah telemark ski — will you join the outcasts?

Pariah Telemark Ski The last time you heard of ‘telemark specific’ skis, you were probably in some ski shop littered with Glen Plake posters, looking at a pair of K2 Telemark Work Stinxs. Well, it’s not the mid-2000’s anymore and ‘telemark specific’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Erik and Martin Fey of Telemarkdown and Summit Cone Sports are four years into the making of the Pariah, an all mountain telemark ski built by telemark skiers, for telemark skiers. It’s no secret the AT world grew rapidly during the first decade of the 21st century. As this happened, most ski companies decided to turn their attention towards making backcountry skis fit for AT skiers, leaving telemarkers more or less forced to use alpine skis. The introduction of the Pariah to the ski market will provide telemarkers with a superior option to alpine skis and one that will allow telemark skiers to charge any terrain. The East Coast brothers kept their West Coast friends in mind and are confident the Pariah can tackle anything from Sierra cement to Vermont ice and breeze through cold smoke.

“We reinforced the glass under the mounting area specifically for telemark,” Erik said. “This is a ski for telemark skiers only, not a cross-over ski.” The Pariah won’t be sold to anyone who isn’t going to mount the ski with a telemark binding. And while AT or alpine bindings could easily be enjoyed on this ski, Erik stressed the fact that anyone who does mount them that way will void the skis’ three year warranty. Although this will be the first year for their skis, it certainly won’t be the last. This season the skis will only be set up to add the Quiver Killer if customers want that upgrade. Erik has plans for future models that will incorporate an insert with a t-nutted hole pattern into the construction of the ski to fit both 22 Designs and Rottefella NTN bindings, as they are different. “The Pariah will make you smile and you’ll just never want to give them up,” said Erik.

The Pariah will be ready for distribution by October 2017 through Summit Cone Equipment and available at the beginning of the season for demo through their shops in the Northeast. You’ll also have a chance to try them out at the Freeheeler’s Demo Tour which hits Mount Snow in Vermont December 16-17.

  • 177cm: 17.5m radius
  • 133mm tip | 99mm waist | 119mm tail
  • Tip Rocker
  • Poplar Wood Core
  • Unilateral Fiberglass Laminates
  • 20mm Rubber Foil
  • Durasurf 2001 P-Tex Sidewall
  • 2mm Steel Edge
  • 3395 grams | 7.48 pounds
  • Made in the USA

For more information, check out Summit Cone’s Facebook here.

*Photos courtesy of Erik Fey*

*As of 9/26/17 this article has been modified to reflect more details.*

12 thoughts on “Ditch the Bandwagon: The Pariah

  1. Have a week on my 177cm pariah’s mounted with freerides. Erik & Martin nailed it. The pariah has handled east coast hardpack, packed powder, corduroy, cream cheese and ice (and I mean pole doesn’t go in ice) superbly whether tele or parallel. They carve like a dream and absolutely rip in the bumps. Expect they’ll handle powder very well too. I haven’t enjoyed a pair of skis this much in years. Buy a pair now.

  2. I’m a 6 foot 1 strong tele’r in Vancouver BC looking for some new boards, we get a lot of snow and ride big open alpine, steeps and trees, touring…before getting on the slopes with kids.
    I’d love to have 3 pairs of skis… But the kids need to eat.
    Currently riding Voikl Nunataqs with BD01s.
    Light and very snappy. 107 under foot so a blast in pow.
    So, will the Pariah handle the variety and the deep snow?

    1. We’re going to let our skiers get the word out on the Pariah. We have some reviews that will be posted soon. We can tell you “they’re amazing”, and what they’re made up of, but a ski needs to do 2 things at a minimum: Be Fun and Perform at a level you need….when I skied the prototype, it was all of that and more. We’re excited about this ski, and bringing the Tele skier a ski designed with only them in mind.

    1. Sadly there won’t be enough of these to be shipping out demos beyond what we’ve already committed to. There will be a pair in SLC to demo and also on the Freeheeler’s Demo Tour in the NEast

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