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From the makers of “A Telemark Tale,” a new telemark movie will be hitting  breweries and bars near you starting November 15th. “Our Family” is a story of camaraderie and a love for the art of telemarking. Join Bevan Waite and Ty Dayberry as they continue their story in the backcountry of Tahoe with names like Taylor Johnson, Tim Shepard, and Meghan Kelly. “They say you’re the combination of the six closest people you surround yourself with,” Waite announces at the beginning of the movie trailer, “I mean think about it, who in your life are you the combination of?” This question sets the tone for the entire movie, linking it back to its title.

Meghan Kelly getting pitted.

 The telemark community is spread across hemispheres and continents, but we are all linked through this sport we know and love so much. “Not only that, but we are part of an even greater family, the mountain family,” Dayberry explains. “We wanted to showcase in this film that outside of the telemark family, we’re normal people, you know?” Married this past September, Dayberry was stoked that his wife, Savannah, got to be part of the film. “My wife shreds and we got her some cool shots which makes it an even cooler story. We’re all family people. Meghan’s segment is my favorite,” Dayberry says, “she brings the title home— she has triplets, is a sick tele mom, we just love it!” Waite went on to reveal more of her story, “She moved from Michigan to Tahoe and quickly realized there is an amazing mountain lifestyle here. The fact that she has triplets— all boys… figuring out that balance is insane but she’s showing the rest of us how to do it.”

Ty Dayberry. Photo by Mountain Grown Media.

Waite was on board with the idea to include multiple aspects of the mountain community as well. As soon as he heard Dayberry’s idea for the movie in March, he knew it was going to be a fun endeavour. “The network of telemark skiers will always be a family, but the majority of people I ski with aren’t telemarkers,” said Waite. And it’s true. As telemarkers, we are sometimes spread thin. It can be hard to form a group of people you always want to ski with and it’s ok if their turns look different from yours. That said, telemark skiing is progressing more and more each season. “Tim and Taylor skied some sick lines and Bevan has been hitting huge airs— that kind of stuff gets people hyped on telemark,” Dayberry tells, “Basically just get stoked for some real deep ski porn, classic knee dropping, and surfy face shots.”

Tim Shepard. Photo by Brian Walker Photography.
Taylor Johnson. Photo by Brian Walker Photography.

Stay tuned for more information on movie screenings. If you’re in the Tahoe area, the Certified Local Film Crawl will be in South Lake Tahoe on November 16th and Truckee on November 17th. There will be 12 different films shown, one of them being “Our Family.” Crazy Mountain Brewery will host a showing in conjunction with Tele Colorado on December 7th. More information on movie screenings will appear as they’re booked via Waite or Dayberry’s Instagrams, Telemark Skier Magazine announcements, and Freeheel Life’s Instagram. This film is largely community based and supported. If you want a showing in your town, reach out to Waite or Dayberry. Last year they were able to show “A Telemark Tale” in a handful of countries and multiple locations in the U.S. and they couldn’t be happier to be sharing this experience with a family like ours.

What family will you watch the film with?

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Bevan Waite. Photo by Mountain Grown Media.

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