First Stop of European NTN Demo Tour a Success

On January 19-20, the first stop of the second annual European NTN Demo Tour, Bergbahnen Rosshütte Seefeld, Austria had over 50 participants demoing New Telemark Norm (NTN) gear on the mountain. “Many of the testers came especially because of us,” said Swen Kunert, who is heading the tour. “We had really good feedback and people were happy! Many testers were grateful to have the chance to try the different bindings.”

This is the second year of the NTN tour in Europe. It focuses on traveling through several ski areas in hopes of showcasing NTN to telemark skiers seeking to try and buy the new norm in telemark boots and bindings. “We are really happy with the results from last year’s tour and excited to do another round this year to ensure people have the opportunity to try out NTN technology,” said Chris Valiante of 22 Designs.”

The tour marches on to Hochfügen Zillertal, Austria the weekend of February 2-3 followed by 11 additional spots selected throughout Europe.

One thought on “First Stop of European NTN Demo Tour a Success

  1. Hi,
    I have been telemarking for almost 2 decades, starting with long, narrow skis and leather boots (!), switching to 3-pin and 75-er binding and boots. I wasn’t covinced of NTN in the very beginning, but 2 years ago I also changed my set up to NTN and can’t think of giving it up again. I have rediscovered ski touring for myself and bought a great, light touring ski and mounted a meidjo binding – a perfect, light-weight setup. However the ski obviously was too light and I completely ripped off the binding during a powder descent. The ski manufacturer told me that this ski was “not recommended for telemarking” – actually I assumed that all skis are “telemark fit” in the meantime… How do you differentiate skis, which are telemark fit from others? Do telemarkers need to accept that their touring skis simply weigh more because the skis need additional reinforcement – which means approx. 800 g more weight? Have you encountered similar experiences? I would be happy if you let me know :-).
    Kind regards

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