First Look: Meidjo v3.0

There is a new version of Meidjo coming for next year – version 3.0. The basic functionality of the binding remains the same but the low-tech toe has been improved and the plastic parts for future generations will use more sustainable, eco-friendly material.

New Low-Tech Toe

Meidjo v3’s low-tech toe has new geometry and two fewer but more powerful springs.

The most noticeable change to Meidjo in version 3.0 is a complete overhaul of the low-tech toe. Pierre went back to the drawing board and changed key dimensions to build a toe that increases the force of the pins on the boot by 40%. The new toe uses only two springs, instead four, like some of the newer low-tech designs in the AT world such as Marker’s Alpinist. The springs are larger diameter and use heavier gauge spring wire for more force. It’s unique enough to be patented.

When you step in to v3.0 the toe jaws snap shut like a mousetrap, fast and tight. The speed and pressure of the pins closing with v2.1 is slow and soft compared to v3.0.

If you’ve converted to telemark tech bindings but lock ‘em out because you don’t trust them, you can leave that paranoid thinking behind. The only time you might want to lock out these toes is when you’re on an icy traverse while skinning.

Flat Step-In

One new feature is the ability to step in without propping up the spring box. This makes it easier to click in to the toe because you don’t have to jack the springbox up and align your boot with the heel up in the air. Wedge shaped bumpers on top of the claw allow the second heel to push the claw back until the heel drops in and the claw clamps on.

Ramped bumpers on top of the claw for M3 let the duckbutt push the claw back so the boot can drop in.
The moment just before the duckbutt drops down and the claw latches on.

Eco-friendly Plastic

Everything else on Meidjo 3.0 is pretty much a copy of Meidjo v2.1 except for the fact that the flexor will be made of Pebax Renew and the springbox will be infused with carbon for added strength. The heel climbing post is unchanged with side tabs to make it easy to lift with a ski pole, and it stays upright as expected.

Snow Traps = Boot Jack

A mild case of boot jack due to cavities that trap snow on the underside of the flexor and spring box.

Sadly Meidjo still has two cavities on the underside where snow will get trapped. Depending on how sticky the snow is this can cause boot jack; the stickier the snow, the more pronounced the packing and the more you will be telemarking on your tip toes. It is less of a problem in cold snow.

The trick to overcoming snow glamming on to Meidjo is the same as ever. Judicious use of Anti-Ice tape in front of the claw and under the spring box will minimize the amount of snow that collects there. Add a touch of attention to cleaning out snow that collects at every transition and the problem either goes away or is reduced to a minor inconvenience. Balanced against the uphill efficiency and the fast, progressive flex of Meidjo it is a small price to pay.

The M Equipment
Meidjo v3.0
MSRP: $570
Weight/binding: 453.6 g / 1 lb. (sm), 476.2 g/ 1lb 1oz (lg)

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5 thoughts on “First Look: Meidjo v3.0

  1. I have been on the Medijo3s for a month in powder light and dry to heavy glop…the binding skis awesome,great control,solid feeling,immediate entry into the turn and with red springs a powerful return.(if you like that feeling)….the downside…with ski brakes installed…super shit!!!..i cant stress this enough..incredibly frustrating…can be a 50 50 proposition in good conditions(perfectly flat on hard pack)…in real on mountain conditions…you could be trying to step in multiple,multiple times….and yes im very experienced with tech entry…my boots are scarpa tx pros with half the life of the sole worn down and the tech holes are not worn out,so thats not the issue…be intrested if others have noted this problem….

  2. More pins angular rotation/stronger over-center action sounds great. Any chance Pierre will offer a 3.0 toe-piece upgrade kit for Meidjo 2.1 owners??? Looks like the toe-piece interfaces to the rest of the binding are identical, i.e. black spacer, stainless steel-backbone. Will 3.0 toe-piece ease the pain of toe-insertion with brakes (and no skins to keep the ski from skidding away)?

  3. What I find really stupid is that every manufacturer uses his own drilling pattern. Especially 22 Designs and M-Equipment drilling patterns are very close to each other but still not the same 🙁

  4. he, once a year every binding builds up a snow pack under neath… depends if you are out then..;-)
    Meidjo sets the standard again new with the M3: reliable, adjustable in all ways, comfortable and equipped with all you need from crampons, stoppers to alpine heel version… toe tech bindings with use of the second heels are the best interface for NTN telemarking, no doubt… the difference makes the functions and the reliability…;-)

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