4th Annual World Telemark Day: Were you there?

World Telemark Day came and went before we knew it…and it was a huge success. Whether you were shredding with the posse at Grand Targhee with Telemark Skier Magazine, making turns with your coach in France, or soul-searching in the mountains of Finland, you are the reason World Telemark Day exists. Cheers to you, our telemark family!

Here are as many photos as Instagram would allow us to collect.

2 thoughts on “4th Annual World Telemark Day: Were you there?

  1. Great photos and some of us unable to leg it to the North are eagerly hanging out for Southern hemisphere’s turn (as we were probably on the beach :-)
    Be great to see some more teletribe down on our Aussie slopes and get a bigger group celebrating the locally run Teledays (part backcountry/on slope). Why have only one big teleday when you can have two!

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