22D’s Lynx – Low-tech powered by NTN

22 Designs is breaching the world of low-tech pin bindings with the Lynx, a telemark binding with 2-pin touring efficiency, a second heel NTN connection, and the classic Hammerheel spring activated climbing wire. The Lynx uses composite flex plates and compression springs to deliver tele tension like a leaf spring, only lighter. As you would hope, preload and three levels of binding activity are easily adjustable.

22 Design’s Lynx. Low-tech toe powered by NTN.

The Lynx is light, weighing a smidgen over a pound per foot. In tour mode they provide the state-of-the-art efficiency that comes with a low-tech toe connection; the only thing you lift each step is your boot, the binding stays put to minimize inertial resistance while the boot pivots at the toe on two frictionless pins. The tech toe means this binding only works with compatible NTN boots that have tech inserts in the toe.

It’s not clear from the photo above how one switches between modes but 22D’s press release claims “One touch puts the binding into free pivot mode. Once at the top, ski mode is also easily pole activated…”

It is standard to expect bindings from 22 Designs are smooth, powerful, adjustable, and durable. With the new Lynx lightweight and efficient should become standard expectations too.

Lynx key features

  • Easy step in/step out
  • Instant flex engagement
  • Adjustable preload
  • Three activity settings
  • 80°+ frictionless touring R.O.M.

With the upcoming SIA/OR trade show at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver many of the questions the Lynx binding image sparks will be answered. Stay tuned for updates and a first look report by the end of January.

UPDATE (20jan18): 22D does not have plans for a consumer beta program with Lynx.

22 Designs
Price (estimated): $500
Weight (pair): Lg. 2 lbs., 3 oz. (1000 g), Sm. 2 lbs., 2 oz. (960 g)

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30 thoughts on “22D’s Lynx – Low-tech powered by NTN

  1. Very very cool product development from 22 designs! Seems so much more robust and simple than Medjo. IMO 22D builds great quality and provides awesome customer service. Love my Outlaws. Several 30 plus day East Coast typical gnarly conditions seasons on them skiing resort, side country, uphill , backcountry. Absolutely bomber. No issues. I go brakeless with leashes. Have wanted tech toe Tele set up since I used to be a Dynafit Radical guy for my uphill. Medjo was tempting, but seems too fragile for East Coast all around abuse. If 22D puts there typical build quality into the Lynx, I am in without question!

    1. Depends. You can shift to walk mode by disconnecting at the toe, quickly retracting the claw by stepping on it, and then reconnecting at the toe pins. But if you just need to cross a short flat stretch your heel is already ‘free.’ You’d only need to unhook the 2nd heel if you had a long flat slog to cover, in which case you might want skins and need to remove your skis anyway. Depends on why you need that function.

  2. I love the fact that 22 Design is jumping in the TTS-NTN binding bandwagon yet I suspect they still don’t have a working prototype to show.
    The video posted by Dostie on Instagram doesn’t show how to step in or out.
    And I’m disappointed by Scarpa that still hasn’t introduced a new really tourable NTN-Dynafit inserts boot. I have the TX Pro-Freedom (my old 3 buckles TX was much better) for resort skiing and F3-Kreuspitze 2 pin for touring. Kreuspitze springs are much better than Voilè ones but still a bit too short for my 29 boot.

    1. Not for NTN specific tele bindings. For 75mm yes. Googoo Tuggy. Tuggy’s study suggests non-releaseable tele is no more prone to damaging bones or ligaments than releaseable alpine equipment. Based on survey of ski patrollers.

  3. Happy to see there’s still some development happening in telemark gear. Although missing a reliable safety release system and ski brakes. We’re living in 2018 right?!
    Another NTN tech binding, possibly a new and modern tele boot … we’re heading in the right direction!
    Anyway very curious to see the binding in use!

  4. Dude! So stoked on this. I hope it really is a “one touch transition” . It would be killer for use on scaled skis here in the east!

  5. Morgan, That’s the same two pairs of boots that I ski tele currently along with my Excursions as my only 75mm boot. The TXP does suck as a touring boot with their piss poor ROM but for my 26MP foot the flex is not as mismatched. I disagree on the F1, I ski skis up to 110mm UF with my TTS and the F1 and ski steep couloirs and variable mixed BC snow conditions. It may have to do with my small foot size but they are plenty powerful especially with my original TXP liners in them. Please share your mods on the TXP tour mode surgery and post it up on earnyourturns site if you have success.
    The timing’s not going to be that ideal on the launch of these bindings next fall with Scarpa most likely launching the new tele line the following 19/ 20 season.

  6. Wow, 500 grams each ! Compare to my Outlaws, at 836 grams (no ski brake) each.
    Now as Morgan says can we look forward to a lighter , NTN boot with toe inserts ?
    My AT binding, ION LTs, (no leash) are 456 grams each.

    1. That’s why I spent a few extra $$$s on Binding Freedom inserts when I finally jumped on the NTN wagon with a set of Meidjo V2. I have a quiver of ScottyBobs & can’t possibly afford a set of bindings for each pair. The inserts were a life saver last year when I had to lift the center plastic touring thingy on the M after I dislodged the little clip beating snow out of the binding. Would have been a chore removing/reinstalling an epoxied screw out in the boonies, 2 hours from the lodge…. ahh ze M, she is a delicate Mademoiselle de France & must be treated with a soft touche.

  7. Looks awsome! But make the binding weight 0 or whatever grams – the boot will always be the problem, no one invest any money in doing lightweight teleboots. Prio one – going downhill, powerful and reliable, anything compromising those without light boots will just be a gimmic….
    Just me happily on telemark for 27 years and many broken bindings….

  8. Very exciting! 22Designs makes some of the most bombproof tele bindings out there. I’m glad they’re getting into the tech game – I think retailers are hesitant with some of the other offerings (though I’ve found TTS to be plenty durable). I will plan to buy these when available!

  9. Wow! the binding of my dreams!! Thank you Chris and Collins! It looks beautiful!
    Hopefully there will be a Scarpa boot to match this soon!

      1. Scarpa is supposedly working on a mythical new light weight boot with a good range of motion…I have the old TX pro and I am about to do some boot surgery to make the walk mode better. Quite honestly the TX pro sucks as a boot…it has a poor match of stiff cuff, soft bellows, and poor touring…my main touring boot is the old F1 with bellows and a cobbled together tele tech set up…this works ok but can’t drive skis bigger than 95mm… This binding and a new boot will be a key link back to the touring roots of why many of us started to tele. The goal is to have the most freedom on the up and on the down!

        1. The Scarpa F1 Carbon was light and tele skis pretty darn good hooked into a TTS setup. Better than the regular F1. Seems like if Scarpa could take that the molds for that shoe add a NTN sole and design the bellows specifically for tele we would have great light tele boot without having to design a completely new boot.

      2. No, not Scarpa TX Pro! I want the Scarpa TX back. Better yet, something like it but lighter and with way more ROM when in tour mode.

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