Freeheel Life Announces New Team & Signature Line

Freeheel Life based in Salt Lake City, UT announced today it has formed a team to represent its growing lifestyle brand. “There are so many amazing telemark skiers in the world, but some are exceptional in terms of their abilities and accomplishments,” said Freeheel Life owner Josh Madsen. “I want to have that exceptional vibe woven into the fabric of the FHL brand — so we are investing into certain athletes moving forward to help them reach their objectives.”

Andreas Sjöbeck of Vemdalen, Sweden has been named as the first member of the Freeheel Life team. “I’ve been in touch with the guys over at Freeheel Life since my first year on teles,” said Andreas. “I’m super stoked to be on this amazing new team and representing the illest brand in the business!”

In addition to representing the FHL brand, team athletes will release a signature line of clothing. “We’ve given these athletes 100% creative freedom over their line,” said Madsen. “It’s important to me and our brand that we’re giving the athletes the creative license to express their vision — we’re just along for the ride with them.”

You can catch up with Andreas via his web Series Drop Knees which is produced by Telemark Skier Magazine.

Purchase Andreas Sjöbeck Signature Series at 

Freeheel Life, established in 2014 and based in Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.A., was opened as a space to support and sell brands focused exclusively on telemark skiing and the lifestyle surrounding it.

Freeheel Life carries unique and hard to find brands, their own signature line of goods, parts, and a great selection of used gear. They also have a full service shop for tunes and binding mounts/remounts/adjustments and a rental/demo fleet at their Salt Lake City storefront.

Andreas Sjöbeck

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