Alban Mao Sets Telemark Speed Record

Alban Mao telemark speed record

Alban Mao is the fastest telemark skier in the world. He recently competed in Vars, France from the 28th until the 31st of March, 2017. He was among all the other disciplines including: alpine skiers, mono skiers and snowboarders. He now holds the record for the fastest speed on telemark skis and we wanted to find out more about how it all went down.


Telemark Skier Magazine: Do you hold world record on telemark?

Alban Mao:  Yes. I have the record with 187.013 km/h or 116.22 mph. I want to do 200 km/h!   Other telemarkers have gone between 160 and 168 km/h based on what I was able to find in the archives of the FIS (International Ski Federation).


TS:  How long are your skis?

AM: My skis are 240cm in length with a 90m radius; I use Meijdo bindings from M-Equipment and Crispi World Cup Evo boots.


TS: What setting of spring are you using on the Meidjo?

AM: The setting is the maximum on the medium flex spring system.


TS: What do you like most about going fast?

AM: The feeling of having the heels moving at 180 km/h is incredible. The adrenaline is going strong!


TS: Why do it on telemark?

AM: Because I’ve been a telemark skier for 15 years and that’s what I do. And we made a bet with friends when we were drinking beer!

8 thoughts on “Alban Mao Sets Telemark Speed Record

  1. Well done.
    I set the first record in 1985 at 142.85 kmh, leather lace up boots and 218 Dynastar tele ski’s .
    In 1986 I went over 160 kmh but I fell before the timing zone so it wasn’t counted. Sore arse though !

  2. my name is Barney Mouat and I previously competed in the Red Rock Cup at Les Arcs in 2002 on Telemark equipment. 240 cm Fischer skis, CrispI boots, and Tagra G3 bindings. my speed at this event was 177.69 km/h. Prior to the Red Rock cup my fastest speed was 167 km/h at Snowmass Colorado. I cut my teeth at Sun Peaks Resort where we have been holding FIS speed races for several years and my fastest speed there was 151 km/h. Good for you Alban.

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