9 Questions With Kreuzspitze

kit-telemark-pt-extra-big-175-461New Telemark Binding Company Kreuzspitze Helps Get To The Top — Enjoy Ride Down

Telemark tech toe is hot right now and Kreuzspitze is in the middle of it all. We wanted to find out more about their brand and where they see telemark moving into the future.

Telemark Skier: What is the company’s history? How did it come to be?

Kreuzspitze:  The company Omnimec Srl, owner of the registered trademark Kreuzspitze was born in northern Italy in 2010 from the entrepreneurship of the two partners Terragnolo Bruno and Trentinaglia Alessio. The two founders are friends and fellow ski mountaineers that have long collaborated in the field of precision mechanics. In 2009 thanks to the technical requirements of ski mountaineering champion’s Italian Mirco Mezzanotte they created the first prototype of light bindings for ski mountaineering competition. They then followed with two bindings for competitors, then for his friend and another friend. By the end of the season they decided to start a business in the field of mountaineering.

In the year 2013 we produced the first low tech type of bindings for telemark in collaboration with Moonlight Mountain Gear in Norway. In 2015 we evolved the telemark bindings into our own actual model and will start in 2015-2016 to sell them with the Kreuzspitze mark on them as the Tele Alp binding.

In July we moved our factory to a new place with 1400 covered square meters to follow the expansion of the products offered and the growing business. For the next winter season we will introduce a new system of Switchback Backcountry Kit made in Kreuzspitze with special springs.


Telemark Skier: Who owns the company? What are the owners backgrounds?

Kreuzspitze: The owners of the company are the two founders Terragnolo Bruno and Trentinaglia Alessio.

At the moment the company is comprised of nine people included the two owners.

Terragnolo Bruno is an mechanical and materials engineer who graduated from the University of Trento. He designs the projects at Kreuzspitze that are then produced by Omnimec Srl.

Trentinaglia Alessio is a mechanical expert and he oversees the production of all components with the CNC machine.

They live in the same town placed in North Italy in the heart of the Dolomite Alps. Since they were children they’ve skied together and are quite good.


Telemark Skier: Are the owners telemark skiers?

Kreuzspitze: The owners are mainly alpine ski mountaineers. Terragnolo Bruno is also quite a good telemark skier as well as a good snowboarder. Trentinaglia Alessio is the most athletic and prefers ski mountaineering competitions with good competition venues.


Telemark Skier: Why do you think tech-toe is important for telemark bindings right now? 

Kreuzspitze: In my opinion the tech-toe is most important because the evolution of backcountry sports like Telemark require more compact and reliable lightweight gear. The new bindings are a hybrid to satisfy the technical requirements and also permit the execution of a good telemark technique. The tech toe bindings for telemark  will definitely continue to be improved due to the interest that have been among the Telemarkers. We will work to improve our telemark bindings for the next season.


Telemark Skier: Where did you draw your inspiration from to create your telemark tech-toe binding?

Kreuzspitze: Our first telemark binding was made in 2013 by a request from Moonlight Mountain Gear. We used our know-how and their help to design a new hybrid telemark binding. During the 2015-2016 season I redesigned our telemark bindings following our knowledge of using the first bindings together with ideas obtained from various telemark skiers and friends.


Telemark Skier: In your opinion what is the future of telemark bindings and equipment?

Kreuzspitze: In my opinion the future of telemark equipment is lightweight and easy to use. I think it will follow a bit of the evolution we see in ski mountaineering equipment.

In the next generation of telemark bindings there will be new tech materials like aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber and technical polymers. In fact there are already some in ours now. And the design will be more clean and smart to increase the performance. Also the aesthetic appearance will have its importance in the future, in fact we take extreme care on the lines and finishes for maximum quality.


Telemark Skier: Is the Kreuzspitze binding just as good on-piste as it is off-piste?

Kreuzspitze: The Kreuzspitze bindings are good on-piste and off-piste. But in my opinion the best experience is in off-piste where it is possible to appreciate the lightness and the ease of use.


Telemark Skier: What makes your tech-toe binding standout from other bindings that are similar?

Kreuzspitze: All our products are handcrafted and tested one by one. We control carefully that everything is top quality. For our products we favor the sleek design combined with a pleasant and excellent functionality. But above all it is crucial for us that the products are reliable and durable.

Telemark Skier: Where are your bindings available?

Kreuzspitze: Our bindings are distributed in various countries around the world and are sold in retail specialty sports stores. Our articles are available through some online shops. For example in the USA there is www.skimo.co or in Europe http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com or directly from our official e-commerce www.kreuzspitze-shop.com .




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