5 Things You Need To Know About 22 Designs Outlaw X

Telemark binding manufacturer 22 Designs will be dropping its latest iteration of their popular Outlaw NTN binding this fall. So what’s really different about the Outlaw X versus the previous model? We went straight to the source to find the answers and here’s what 22 Designs passed along:


22 Designs Outlaw X Production Version 2017-18
Production version of the 22 Designs Outlaw X
Production version of the 22 Designs Outlaw X in “closed” position.

1. How much lighter is it than the original Outlaw?

2 oz lighter per pair.  LG: 3 lb 9 oz; SM: 3 lb 6 oz.

2. Can the current Outlaw be retrofitted to become an X?

No. We’ve lengthened the main plate and it attaches differently.

3. Does it ski differently than the original Outlaw?

There’s a little more spring travel with the X, so you may find them a bit smoother.

4. Are there still stiffy and standard springs for the X?

Yes, there’s a stiffy for both sizes.

5. How much easier is it to step into?

Way easier both in and out.



7 thoughts on “5 Things You Need To Know About 22 Designs Outlaw X

  1. I had issues with the wide brakes on a pair of 98 waist skis hanging up and conflicting with each other on the lead change. I have spoken with others who had this issue. Anything about the new design change this dynamic?

    1. 22D offers dedicated ski crampons for the Outlaw. Generic ski crampons that slide into a Dynafiddle slot will conflict with the undercarriage of the Outlaw. Be sure to double-check dimensions and whether or not the binding is centered before mounting. Proper positioning is critical to satisfactory results.

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