22D announces Outlaw X Beta program

22 Designs Outlaw X
Next generaton Outlaw gets a new hook and cam system with less weight.

True to form, 22 Designs has announced a beta program for their next generation telemark binding, the Outlaw X. The X version of their acclaimed NTN binding features a new second heel clamp that is easier to get in and out of the binding with. In addition it will be lighter, and contrary to typical human powered technology where less costs more, will be priced lower than the existing Outlaw.

While the Outlaw is considered one of the easiest telemark bindings to get in to, exiting the binding is not always as simple or reliable. That’s not totally true anymore. If you have last year’s orange cam’s (2015-16), that was more likely. This year the cams work reliably and are easier to get out of. Nonetheless, this even newer clamp changes all that and uses fewer parts so it is lighter too. In theory there is no need to run a beta program on this improvement, but experience has taught that there is always some unanticipated wrinkle that customer abuse in the field will reveal.

If you’re ready and willing to be a test guinea pig, 22 Designs is producing a limited number of Outlaw X’s for you. As a member of the beta test team you pay full price, but you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Any significant design flaws that are revealed and cause a change in the design, you will receive a free upgrade for. As a member of the beta test team you are a development partner and expected to contribute feedback to help improve the product.

It is also worth noting that 22 Designs, in cooperation with B&D Designs , has developed a ski crampon for the Outlaw. It uses the same attachment system as Dynafit bindings and fits under the spring of the Outlaw.

To join the Outlaw X beta test team – click here.

8 thoughts on “22D announces Outlaw X Beta program

  1. I wish they wouldn’t release at all unless it’s absolutely catastrophic. I had a release the other day skiing fast in a very steep Tree Line slot.

  2. Love the blinding but the forward positioning of the brakes is problematic they need to be back under-the heel somehow. I kept tripping myself and had to go back to leashes.

  3. I really like the Outlaws. I have never had a problem getting out of them. However, I have the opposite problem. I only ski on the in the back country, and the “stomp” required to get them to latch is a giant pain in the ass in soft snow. Even on a skin track. Also, you have to be nearly flat to get the binding to latch from the stomp. The NTN Freedoms are about 1,000,000x better than the Outlaws in this regard. I’m dreading having to put these on after booting some steeper terrain…

  4. X appears a very clean complexion reduction of the current design. I’ve been having frequent problems with the second heel claw (current gen binding) not sliding back when the cams are released. I’ve tried silicone lube but it still sticks making it difficult to step out of without fiddling with the claw using my pole tip. Hopefully rev 2 will solve that issue.

  5. 22 designs, please invest in DIN release settings, for dynamic Tele movements, while in ascending and descending situations. Reliable Step-in/out is important, on-piste and off-piste, in ice/snow packed conditions, and angled terrain. Easy to use, even interchangeable with brake or leash configuration. Why not have Alpine-style “AT” heal option? Maybe add some creative etching to ugly toe plate too!

  6. Looks very interesting. Would 22 designs ever develop a similar binding system to accommodate a 75mm (duck bill) boot.
    Thank you

    1. You mean to fit a boot with a duckbill and a duckbutt? That would first require a fully ducked out boot. Until then, the Axl already is the Outlaw for 75mm boots since the the Outlaw is an Axl for NTN.

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